Service Your Car or Van at ML Auto Repairs

Servicing your vehicle at ML Auto Repairs, ensures your vehicle stays in the best possible condition. We can service any make and model and always use top quality manufacturer approved oil and parts. Each service is tailored to the individual’s requirements, depending on the amount of mileage and general use of your vehicle should determine the type and frequency of your service schedule.


Full Vehicle Service

A comprehensive service that includes over 50 checks, covering every part of the vehicle.



Some of the key areas serviced:


  • Fluid levels - topped up or changed

  • Clutch operation

  • Alternator inspection and charging rate

  • Power steering operation, fluid levels

  • Inspect gearbox and mountings



  • Oil and filter change

  • Air filter change

  • Inspect / replace spark plugs as required

  • Inspect hoses and fluid tanks

  • Inspect braking system